More, higher, faster: commandments of the top web developers

More, higher, faster: commandments of the top web developers

Site loading speed is the most important indicator affecting the ranking and ultimately the attendance rate. Online store is a location that needs monitoring of downloads speed and its analysis like no other. If the user, visiting your web, has to painfully count seconds before the appearance of a digestible image, then the potential buyer will be lost in 9 cases out of 10. How to track this figure and bring it back to normal? Down with the stopwatches - meet the updated PageSpeed Insights!

November update: good tidings or the most unpleasant news?

Those who believe that the Update of application, service, plugin is always great news, will have to be a little disappointed - fresh PageSpeed ​​Insights has become a stumbling block for some marketers and developers, and estimates of the speed of flagship websites have drastically crawled down. Why? Everything is simple - after the PSI update, the speed was the leading criterion for evaluation, and not the fulfillment of associated conditions and tasks. It turned out that the updated program is a sharp opponent of bulky add-ons and visual "tinsel", slowing down loading of sites. Therefore, now it has become difficult to optimize the resource in accordance with the proposed parameters.

But do not fall into despair - experts advise to disable unproductive plugins (this should be done only by a professional, otherwise the site may be damaged), focus on achieving instantaneous loading of the first page and on the mobile version of the tested resource. And the main thing: the PSI test is not an exam, so it’s pointless to fight for the highest score. It is important to strike a balance between speed and other website characteristics. Visitor’s loyalty is above any ratings!

Do not unload the user: the best ways to optimize the web speed

Despite the controversial update, PageSpeed ​​Insights has been and remains one of the best services in this area. Its advantages are undeniable:

· High speed. After inserting the URL of the tested site, it takes only 10 seconds - and the result is in your pocket.

· Convenience of interaction. The program interface is concise and simple, does not contain anything extra, so working with it is a pleasure. Here, nothing distracts, and all the important points are in plain sight.

· Detailed "debriefing". The service does not merely state a fact - it points to specific shortcomings and offers algorithms for solving a problem (image optimization, work with cache, codes, CSS files, etc.). PSI tests the speed of the site in six points.

Programmers count as disadvantages of working with PageSpeed ​​Insights the problem of balance of the website visual attractiveness and its loading performance - the "golden mean" is not yet achieved.

Along with PSI, the GTmetrix service is very popular. Its advantages are identical to those mentioned above, and design of the program, made in white and blue colors, subconsciously inspires confidence. Both checkout services are free, but at the same time provide an opportunity for professional testing, offer optimization tips. GTmetrix additionally allows you to familiarize yourself with comparative tables - that is, it demonstrates the place of your site among other web resources.

The use of these services will definitely benefit, but it should be borne in mind that, subject to correction of comments, the relative loading speed of the site will increase, while the absolute will still depend on the quality of the Internet connection.