Pinta plugins: a virtual magic wand

Pinta plugins: a virtual magic wand

Plugins greatly facilitate the life of an ordinary user, an IT worker and an Internet portal owner. Useful add-ons are able to optimize the work of any program or site, expanding their capabilities to infinity.

But if all sorts of plugins are needed and important, then the question arises, why the developers initially do not embed them in a program or browser? The answer is simple: user requests are purely individual and cannot be fully taken into account. If we put in one application or program all the plugins that seem appropriate to the creator, the resource becomes cumbersome and hulky. Therefore, having received the basic functionality, each user, downloading an extension, customizes the work of the site or service for themselves.

Choose me, or Five reasons to install plugins

The existence of an online store without plugins is unthinkable - after all, the work of a marketing resource should be not only uninterrupted, but also effective. Proper additions will help to achieve this. By installing extensions, the owner of the online store will receive the following bonuses:

· Usability is our everything. Work with the site should be pleasant not only to the owner, but also to the buyer. For this purpose, add-ons are installed that allow you to view images using a magnifying glass, carry out a comparative description of products in the catalog, use the smart search function, add selected products to the wish list, etc.

· One click - and the client is yours! Not all users withstand the test of the registration form, respectively, the percentage of sales may be reduced due to a sheer trifle - a lengthy authorization process. For this, there is a plugin that provides the ability to instantly register through any popular social network.

· Blah-blah-chat. The form for sending messages, creating a comment field, the ability to send instant messages through any messenger are the most important extensions that allow for feedback from TA. Quality communication is a must-have for a successful website.

· Mercantile moments. The goal of any store – actual or online – is making a profit. Therefore, plugins that allow you to choose the type of delivery, the required currency, customize cards for the cost of goods, generate statistical data and sales reports, add services for online payment are invaluable.

· Meet us on Facebook! SMM-movement confidently walks around the planet, because the whole world is on social networks. Consequently, an online store cannot be complete if its pages are missing on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. But transferring product catalogs and other information manually is still a problem. It is quickly and efficiently solved by a special plugin.

These are the main, but not all the benefits of useful extensions. For example, language plugins will help to talk to TA in one dialect, and extensions with impressive sliding galleries will personalize the site and give it a spectacular appearance.

Shop Pinta: flagship plugins for online store

From the theory, let's move on to specifics and demonstrate the work of the most sought-after plugins:

· FACEBOOK FEED PRODUCT. The extension allows you to quickly transfer product items with descriptions of all categories of the online store in the "Facebook" catalog. Customized language, currency, product specifications are available. The catalog on the social network page will look like a table with illustrated information, offering the user the maximum convenience of interaction.

· MESSENGERS BUTTONS. The plugin allows you to communicate with customers using any instant messengers - Telegram, Viber, Skype, WhatsApp, etc. For this purpose, after integrating the extension, the corresponding buttons appear on the web-page. This will greatly facilitate communication with users. Location of the icons can be changed, it is also permissible to activate the click tracking function for analytics.

Only by installing the correct plugins, the owner of the online store will feel significant help and increased sales!