Instruction Google Rich Snippets for Magento

    Plugin Settings Page

  1. After the plugin installing IT IS NECESSARY to clean the cache and do setup upgrade. It is important! Then you need to log into the admin panel again. Now the procedure is complete. You can open the Page with settings (List Settings), and set up the plugin as you want. 

  2. Status. In this section, you can turn the plugin on and off by checking the checkbox in the Status field.

  1. Product. Here you can add a product.

  1. Breadcrumb List. You can add a navigation bar.

  1. Website. This section allows you to add a search field to your site.

  1. Organization. In this section you can add the address of your site and phone number to the information block of your site.

  1. Select Place. Here you can add the address of your company, namely: company name, city, region, address and postal code, noting the checkbox of the Place (1) field.

    You can add information about working days and hours by checking the checkbox of the Working hours (2) field.

    Upon completion of the plugin configuration, click the Save Settings button.

    After installing and configuring the plugin, you can check the layout of your site using a simple Google tool - Google Rich Snippets Validator.

    Go to the Google Rich Snippets Validator website.

    Paste the link to your site in the field (1) and click the START TEST button (2).

As a result of the test, you will see the structured data of your site.