Instruction Yandex Market Feed for CS-cart

Download and install

  1. Download the plugin archive from Shop Pinta and save it to your computer.

  2. In the admin panel of your website select Add-ons (1) > Manage add-ons (2).

  3. In the Manage add-ons block, click the Upload & install add-ons button (3).

  1. In the opened window, click the Local button (1), open the plugin's archive and click the Open button (2). Install the plugin by clicking the Upload & install add-ons button (3).

At this point, the installation of the plugin is complete.

  1. To configure the plugin, select on the main menu of admin panel Marketing (1) > Yandex Market Feed Product (2), which appears after installation.

Plugin page

Select store or storefront settings (1), which you want to apply and click the Go to company setting page button (2).

Check the box (3), if you do not want to use product categories from Yandex.Market.

Select the checkbox (4), if you want to use a white list to display products on Yandex.Market. 

Click the Save button to load product groups from Yandex.Market.

Link categories of your products to product categories on Yandex.Market.

Each product category in your online store must correspond to a specific product category on Yandex.Market.

To do this, click on Select category (1) in the category block of your store. Next, in the opened window, select a category (2), for example, Electronics and click the Select category button (3).

Link the characteristics of the products from your store and the YML fields.

To do this, click on Select feature (1) in the YML characteristics box, and in the opened window, select the feature you want to assign (2) to the YML file. Next, click Select category button (3). 

To save the settings, click the Save button.

By clicking on the link (1) you can see the generated YML code.

Click on link (2) to save YML᠎ code.

Now you can use generated link with YML code (3) on the Yandex.Market.

An example of a generated product feed.