Prestashop1.7 sharebuttons instructions

Installing and activation

1.Download archive with plugin in the Shop Pinta store and save it on your computer. Unpack the archive.

2.In the admin panel of your site, select  Моdules>Modules and Services, press the Upload module button

To activate the plugin go to the  Installed modules and click  Enable button next to Messenger Buttons

  1. To configure the plugin, press the Setup button

Plugin Page

  1. To activate plugin check the checkbox Status (1)

  2. For each button, enter your login or phone number (depending on the selected social network) in the Href field (2). When clicking on the button on the website, the window of the selected messenger opens to communicate with the User.

  1. Onclick field (3). Write a function to track the number of clicks of your site by Users. When you click on the button, the Onclick event is triggered.

The number of clicks of each button on your site will be transmitted to Google Analytics.

For this purpose, a goal must be created and configured in your site’s Google Analytics account..

  1. Check the checkboxes of the messengers that will be displayed on your website in the Activate column (1)

  2. Choose the location of the buttons on the site in the Positions field (2). You can place the buttons on the site as you wish.

  1. Having checked the Show Params checkbox , you can change the appearance of the buttons on the website as you like: adjust the distance between the buttons - Margin and Padding fields, their size - the Width field. Optionally, you can add the add the frame of any color to highlight the buttons on the site - the fields Background and Background color

  1. In the Style Type block, select the visual display of the messengers icons that your Users will see.

  1. Then click the  Save settings button

  1. Go to your site and update it. After that, the messenger buttons will appear on your site.

  1. To open a chat, click on any messenger button that is convenient for you to communicate.