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        Get a detailed report about your customers in real-time or for the selected period by installing our Enhanced Еcommerce plugin for working with Advanced Google Analytics.

        With Enhanced Ecommerce reports is possible to analyze customer behavior in a checkout process, which categories and products are purchased from the cart, and which remain unpaid, etc.. This critical data helps to make better decisions to achieve more conversions.

            What events the plugin captures:

  • Clicking on a product/link to a product.
  • View product information.
  • Adding items to the shopping cart.
  • Removing items from the shopping cart.
  • Transition to checkout.
  • Selling products.

             How it works:

  • You get a plugin for working with Advanced Google Analytics.
  • You create and configure an account in Google Analytics.
  • You link your online store with Google Analytics.
  • You have the opportunity to observe the behavior of customers and the movement of goods.

              More info about Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking

1. On the product page, select Support period (1, 3 or 6 months)
2. Press the Buy button
3. Register in the Shopping cart.
4. When ordering, do not forget to check the checkbox Account Registration (and specify a password) for registering a personal account on the site. Personal account is needed so that you can write in support if you have any questions about working with the plugin.
5. You can also register an account on the site in the Ticket Support section.
6. After placing the order go to payment.
7. After payment, a one-time link will be sent to your email to download the plugin with instructions for installing and configuring it. Also, instructions for the plugin can be found in the Docs section of the site.
8. For any questions on the plugin, click the Request customization button on the product page and write to us.

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