Site support

The business card of any business in the context of network globalization is a competent and “live” Internet site. The second characteristic should be explained in more detail. An Internet resource is comparable to the construction of a house: it is not enough just to build it, filling it with communications, furniture and paintings. Even in a fairy-tale palace, the water faucet can deteriorate or the chair can break - that is, in order for the house to be residential and cozy, it needs constant supervision and care. A similar situation happens to the site.

As part of the site maintenance program, a team of specialists performs the following actions aimed at the smooth operation of your portal:

·       Professional writing of articles on given topics.

·       Regular placement of new content on the site.

·       Add / delete sections.

·       Monitoring of volatile market requirements and aligning the site to new canons.

·       Control virus protection and tracking of possible errors.

·       Change of domain, hosting.

·       CMS update.

·       Check access to the site.

·       Development of additional components (converter, calculator, filters, etc.)

In a word, comprehensive information and technical support is provided for an Internet resource, regardless of weekends and holidays. 

Site optimization

Do you have a website, but it exists only nominally, without performing basic functions? It is necessary that the resource "works": hit the top search engines, increases sales, attracts the target audience. This is especially true for online stores, online business cards, news and corporate resources. If you realize that the site has ceased to make a profit, then professional optimization is the only algorithm to save the situation!

Inside and out: the overhaul your website

High-quality optimization is divided into internal and external. The first involves the following actions:

·       Proper compilation of the semantic core.

·       Development of the correct site structure.

·       Improved usability (download speed, concise design, dispensed information).

·       Work with meta tags.

·       Filling the site with unique readable content.

·       Integration with social networks.

·       Cataloguing the resource.

·       Setting statistics.

External optimization includes working with a reference mass, posting comments on forums and blogs, organizing bonus programs and contests, as well as many other activities.

These are the main points that may not be fully needed, but in part – it’s all individually. In any case, after the “repair”, the site will start working like a Swiss watch!

Elimination of failures, malfunctions

A site is a virtual organism, which is transformed every second, sometimes it “gets sick”. When people need medical help, they call a doctor. And to solve the problems of incorrectly working Internet resources, urgent qualified help of a webmaster is required.

Problems may be different - from serious failures, hacking and hacker attacks to a variety of server "braking". Sometimes you need to rebuild the logic of the portal completely, but the efforts will not be wasted - the resource will again work “with an excellent mark”.

Malfunctions in the work of the site are solved by taking complex and timely measures, which include the removal of broken links, cleaning codes, setting up buttons, the correct design of page 404, and many other “healing” actions. If you leave the problem as it is, you can not just significantly lose in functionality of the resource, but even lose the site, and accordingly, all the money and efforts invested in it.

Such failures can bring a lot of trouble to the portal owner: at least the influx of customers to your Internet resource will greatly decrease, sales will fall sharply. Therefore, the elimination of problems in the shortest possible time is the primary task of the web specialists of Pinta studio. 

Virus treatment

If you see that something is wrong with the site: it freezes for no reason, does not open, new unknown files, alien codes appear, and the installed regular antivirus program sometimes does not even notice the threat, - know that the resource is infected.

Caution, virus attack!

The danger of computer viruses is similar to detrimental effect of malware on a living organism - unauthorized invasion causes failures in the work of the resource, affects its functionality. Among other things, there is a total automatic infection of other sites interacting with the damaged. Such a site is instantly outlawed - it will go to the search engines ban, and the hoster blocks the malicious identifier.

Webmasters will certainly help to avoid serious problems:

·       Conduct a deep audit of all files.

·       Clear virus codes.

·       Update software (malicious remnants can take root in the plugins on the server).

·       Troubleshoot to the full.

·       Install impenetrable protection.

After the above-mentioned events, the specialists of Pinta web-studio will hold a detailed consultation and acquaint you with the rules, the implementation of which will guaranteed not allow the situation to repeat.

Improvement of plugins

The presence of relevant extensions allows the site to work with benefit, increases its functionality and capabilities. Therefore, plugins are an important component of any web resource. But there are situations when there is an urgent need to supplement existing extensions with fresh features.

Plugins update? Your wish is our command!

Plugins are auxiliary software modules, without which the work of the site can not be convenient and correct. Web masters of Pinta studio at the customer’s request on the basis of existing extensions will create their augmented versions. There is a great many of variations of improvements - it all depends on correctness of the drawn up technical specifications and the final goal.

Plugins can be combined with each other, add various functions, supplement them with variable forms, drop-down lists, language and other converters, anti-spammers, integrate the ability to use quick buttons, partner links, perform many other actions.

With updated plugins your site will prove itself even more competitive!

Plugin development

Want to optimize the site, but do not know how? Development of individual plugins for any CMS-systems - this is the right solution to the problem! Web specialists will do everything from scratch by building a process based on the needs of a specific Internet resource.

Installing the extension – developing the idea

What is the real benefit of development of new plugins and their introduction into the base system?

·       Capacity building. The minimum basis does not always give the space to the full use of the site. Competently integrated extensions will fill this gap and use hidden functionality.

·       Comfortable interaction. With addition of plugins to work with the site becomes much easier and more convenient.

·       Uniqueness of the site. Individually created, the original plugins will make the interface and site design unique.

What information is necessary for webmasters of our studio to perform a task qualitatively? The customer should clearly state the requirements for the future plugin. In this case, the specialists will cope with development in the shortest possible time and in strict accordance with the terms of reference, and will also correctly install the extension for its correct operation afterwards. Among other things, the client will be offered a detailed guide, revealing the full capabilities of the new plugin.

Pinta web studio is a professional and creative approach to any tasks!