Ajax Filter with Seo Links (by attributes, options, brands,price, etc) for OpenCart (v. 1.5*-4.*)

Your customers will be able to use a convenient and quick filter for sorting and searching for products on the site


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Ajax Filter Module - your reliable partner in creating a convenient and effective product search experience for users of your online store.Do you want your customers to easily and quickly find the products they need? Our module provides the ability to filter based on various options and characteristics – from price to brands, from categories to keywords in the search.

Forget about the need to press the "Search" button. Our module tracks user actions and instantly applies selected filters, ensuring a smooth and fast shopping experience.

Ajax Filter allows customers to filter products by categories, attributes, prices, and much more without reloading the page. This reduces search time and increases customer satisfaction.

Create SEO links that will attract the attention of your target audience. Write headlines, descriptions, and unique texts for pages with filters to improve your site's indexation in search engines.

The module offers a wide range of graphical settings, making it easy to integrate the filter into the design of any website. This way, you can maintain the style of your brand.

Set price ranges, choose brands, types, colors, and more – and the filter will instantly refine the results. This turns the search into a pleasure, and users can easily find products that meet their needs.


  • Filter by price, attributes, category, etc.

  • Filter products via Ajax.

  • Saving SEO URLs.

  • SEO Title, Description, and Header with added filters.

  • The wide selection of graphics settings.

  • The fastest and most convenient filtering.

  • The location of the filter on the page of your choice.

  • The addition of the search field.

Installation instructions:

  1. Download and install the module;

  2. Select the required filter options;

  3. Specify the features and attributes to be added to the filter;

  4. Select the graphic settings;

  5. Track user requests in a filter. Next, add SEO links and other data to improve the SEO of filter pages;

  6. Save changes and your customers can use a convenient and quick product filter.

Help / Contact us:

We will answer any questions about the module.

Email: [email protected]

1. Please fill in the required fields before purchasing a module on the product page:
- DOMAIN NAME(S) - for example, “.com”, “.ua”, etc;
- LICENSE(S) - Single domain, Up to 5 domains or Unlimited domains;
- SUPPORT PERIOD - 6, 12, 18 or 24 months;
- TYPE OF CS-CART - CS-cart, CS-cart Ultimate, Multivendor, Multivendor Ultimate or Multivendor PLUS. This field is filled, if you buy a module for CMS CS-cart.
2. Press the BUY button.
3. Go to the SHOPPING CART to order a module - https://shop.pinta.pro/index.php?route=checkout/cart.
4. When placing an order, you must register a personal account on the website - https://shop.pinta.pro/index.php?route=checkout/simplecheckout.
To do it, fill out the form, check the ACCOUNT REGISTRATION checkbox, and enter the password.
A personal account is necessary because you can write a letter to support if you have questions about working with the module.
You can also register an account on the site in the MY ACCOUNT section.
5. After placing your order, you can pay and enter your billing details.
6. After successful payment, you will receive an email with a one-time link to download the module and the user guide for installing and configuring it.
Besides, you can download the plugin in My Account in the DOWNLOADS section (https://shop.pinta.pro/index.php?route=account/download).
Also, you can find the user guide in the DOCUMENTS section of the website (https://shop.pinta.pro/docs).
7. If you have questions about the module, click the REQUEST CUSTOMIZATION button on the product page and write to us.

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