Google Ads Account Audit Service


Our team analyzes your Google Ads account and created advertising campaigns for your account.

And we propose recommendations to optimization of your ad account.

The service includes:

- Monitoring all advertising campaigns for your account

- Researching keywords and ads

- Researching target audience and bid strategy

- Recommendations for improving efficiency

To activate the service you need:

1. Pay for the service and provide the manager with information about your company - your email, access to your Google Ads account, access to your Google Analytics account, your business goals.

2. After the analysis, our specialists provide a detailed report on the efficiency of campaigns and recommendations for optimization of advertising.

How it works?

We can start analyzing the Google Ads account when we have your email, access to your Google Ads account, access to your Google Analytics account (we will provide you with all the instructions). 

When we research your Google Ads account, we check the settings for integration with other Google services. This allows you to get maximum information about the efficiency of your advertising account.

The service is valid for one website/one account.

After a thorough checking, we propose a detailed report on the current settings and the efficiency of advertising campaigns - which of them work effectively and attract customers to your website, and which ones need to be stopped to save the advertising budget.

You also receive clear recommendations for advertising optimization, which you can make yourself. Namely, which ads, keywords, target audience, and bidding strategy you need to set up for increasing conversion rate.

Contact us if you have any questions ([email protected]).

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