Google Ads Campaign Management Service


Our team helps you to optimize your advertising campaign based on an analysis of the efficiency of your website and sites of competitors in your business niche. You receive a detailed report on the results of advertising campaign optimization.

The service includes:

- Monitoring of advertising campaign indicators

- Researching keywords

- Review of competitors' websites

- Researching conversion rate, Google Analytics indicators

- Detailed report

To activate the service you need:

1. Pay for the service and provide the manager with information about your company - your email, access to your Google Ads account, access to your Google Analytics account, your business goals.


2. Our specialists launch an advertising campaign taking into account the analysis of all indicators. Further, the advertising campaign settings are adjusted during the optimization period, the results are tracked. Based on the optimization results, a detailed report is drawn up.

How it works?

We can start optimization of advertising campaign, when we have your email, access to your Google Ads account, access to your Google Analytics account (we will provide you with all the instructions).

The service is valid for one website/one account.

The cost of the service doesn't include the costs of the advertising budget for Google Ads campaigns.

When we perform a thorough analysis of your business niche and research the sites of your competitors, our specialists develop a long-term strategy for conducting an advertising campaign for your business. We also evaluate indicators of an advertising campaign and, based on the analysis, launch an advertising campaign.

After tracking the results of the efficiency of the advertising campaign, we provide a detailed report on optimization and increase conversions.

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