Instruction Responsive Pretty Emails for Opencart1.5

    Upload and install

  1. Download archive with plugin in the Shop Pinta store and save it on your computer.

  2. Connect via FTP to your site and copy the contents to the root folder of your site.


  1. In the new browser window, enter the command (1) in the address bar: the addresses of your site / vqmod / install /, press Enter.

    Result: The message (2) “VQMOD ALREADY INSTALLED!” is displayed.


  1. Go to the Modules subcategory, find the Pinta Email Template plugin and click the Install button.

  1. To configure the plugin click the Edit Pinta Email Template button.

    Plugin page

  1. Select the letter you want to edit and click Edit Template.

  1. Блок GENERAL (1). General email settings.

  1. Блок DESING (2). Header settings and button design.


  1. Блок PREVIEW (3). Visual display of the created message on MOBLE, TABLET and DESKTOP versions.


    The GENERAL block contains:

  1. Field Subject to enter the subject of the letter.


  1. Message block - general message settings.


  1. The Restore to default message button to restore the default message.


    The DESING block contains:

  1. Field Width allows you to adjust the width of the letter:

  • Full width - placement of letters over the entire width of the screen.

  • In the center of the screen - placing the letter in the center of the screen.


  1. The Header field allows you to enable or disable the header.


  1. The Header Color (1) and Button Color (2) fields allow you to select the footer color and button color, respectively.

     The PREVIEW block contains three tabs:

  1. Mobile - preview of the mobile version of the letter.


  1. Tablet - preview letters on the tablet.


  1. Desktop - preview of the desktop version of the letter.


    After editing, save the changes by clicking the Save button.


    After saving, your edited letters will be sent to the client’s mail.

    Examples of letters: