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Make your website URLs user and search engine friendly - simple and straightforward, give your website URLs a readable look with SEO words.

A search engine always “likes” a website with a simple, meaningful URL without any numbers, tags, session ID, and so on.

 OpenCart URLs contain this information by default and even after turning on the CNC, a number of the main pages of the site continue to be displayed as a set of identifiers. For example, by default in Opencart the link to the contact page is index.php? Route = information / contact

The Rewrite URL Manager extension allows you to change the look of a URL to user and search engine friendly by matching the old and new URLs

So that all store links become readable and get a better search engine ranking.

The extension allows you to enable or disable new addresses all at once or each separately.

Use wildcards for the whole group of urls

(for example, account /%)

Redirects pages from URLs like index.php? Route = to new URLs.

Doesn't interfere with the usual SEO keyword system for products, categories, manufacturers, and information pages.

Export and import the overwrite list as a CSV file.



  • The plugin uses ocMod. This means that no changes will be made to the kernel file.
  • Change your site urls to friendly urls (semantic url) with SEO keyword
  • Let your URLs get indexed correctly by search engines
  • Edit redirection of individual urls

1. Please fill in the required fields before purchasing a plugin on the product page:
- DOMAIN NAME(S) - for example, “.com”, “.ua”, etc;
- LICENSE(S) - Single domain, Up to 5 domains or Unlimited domains;
- SUPPORT PERIOD - 6, 12, 18 or 24 months;
- TYPE OF CS-CART - CS-cart, Multivendor or CS-cart Ultimate. This field is filled, if you buy a plugin for CMS CS-cart.
2. Press the BUY button.
3. Go to the SHOPPING CART to order a plugin (
4. When placing an order, you must register a personal account on the website (
To do this, fill out the form, check the ACCOUNT REGISTRATION checkbox and enter the password.
A personal account is needed, because you can write a letter to support, if you have any questions about working with the plugin.
You can also register an account on the site in the MY ACCOUNT section.
5. After placing your order, you can pay and enter your billing details.
6. After successful payment, you will receive an email with a one-time link to download the plugin and instructions on how to install and configure it.
Besides, you can download the plugin in My Account in the DOWNLOADS section (
Also you can find the instructions for the plugin in the DOCUMENTS section of the website (
7. If you have any questions about the plugin, click the REQUEST CUSTOMIZATION button on the product page and write to us.

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