Facebook Catalog Feed Setup Service


The service includes:

  • Setting up and changes an extant Facebook Ads Account

  • Adding to Facebook Business Manager (if necessary)

  • Installing Facebook Pixel (if necessary)

  • Installing an extension for your online store and generating a data feed

  • Adding the received data feed to the Facebook catalog, eliminating errors in case of incorrect display

  • Publishing the catalog to the Facebook page of your online store (if necessary)

  • Linking Facebook Catalog and Facebook Ads Account

Estimated time of arrival - 3-5 business days.

To activate the service you need:

  1. Pay for the service and provide the manager with information about your site and Facebook account (site admin access, ads account access).

  1. Our specialists will analyze the settings of your Facebook Ads Account and, if necessary, configure all required parameters for correct work. They will also install an extension for your online store Facebook Catalog Feed by Pinta Webware, which generates a data feed for the Facebook catalog.

  1. Finally, they will link the Facebook Catalog and the Facebook Ads Account.

How it works?

In order for our specialists to start working on setting up a data feed for Facebook Catalog, we need site admin access, ads account access (we will provide you with all the instructions).

Before uploading data about the products of your online store, we will set up your Facebook advertising account (if necessary, add Facebook to Business Manager, install Facebook Pixel). We will also install the Facebook Catalog Feed by Pinta Webware extension for your online store, which will allow you to upload detailed information about your products.

After completing all the settings, we will upload and add the Data Feed to the Facebook Directory. At this stage, it is important to eliminate all inaccuracies and errors so that all products of your online store are correctly displayed in the Facebook Catalog.

After that, it remains to establish a link between the Facebook Catalog and the Facebook Ads Account and publish the catalog on the Facebook page of your online store (if necessary).

As a result, millions of customers will see your online products. And you can change your data feed at any time so that customers always see relevant information in your ads.

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