Google Ads & PPC Setup Service


Our team helps you set up effective Google Ads campaigns to display your products to interested users in search results.

The service includes:

- Creating/setting up a Google Ads account

- Integration with Google Analytics (setting up connection, goals)

- Using remarketing tag

- Researching keywords and search requests

- Adding 2 advertising campaigns (search)

- Choosing basic campaign settings

- Creation effective advertisements (text, banners)

- Researching the target audience

- Adjustment created advertising campaigns

To activate the service you need:

1. Pay for the service and provide the manager with information - Google Ads account, Google Analytics account.

We also need information about your company - business information, advertising purposes, information about your products.

2. After the analysis, our experts create 2 advertising search campaigns and provide a detailed report of the campaigns performance.

How it works?

We can start working on setting up Google Ads campaigns when we have access to your Google Ads account, access to your Google Analytics account (we will provide you with all the instructions). If you don't have any accounts yet, we will help you create your business accounts.

In addition, we set up linking with other services and add goals, conversions, and other parameters. This helps to get correct data when tracking the results of advertising campaigns.

When creating search advertising campaigns, we take into account your requirements, as well as keywords and search queries, target audience.

The performance of your advertising campaign indicators depends on the performance of each advertisement. Development of content for advertisements includes writing the text part and creating individual banners. After approving on the design, we launch advertising campaigns.

The cost of the service doesn't include the costs of the advertising budget for Google Ads campaigns.

The performance and results of campaigns depend on many factors. And also the results can significantly depend on your advertising budget and the business niche.

The service is valid for one website/one account.

Further we research the indicators of the created advertising campaigns and apply the necessary adjustments to improve efficiency.

Interested users can see your advertisements. And this allows you to attract targeted organic traffic and increase sales.

Contact us if you have any questions ([email protected]).

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