Hourly hiring of a Web Developer


Available Options

Our team helps you execute on your website most of the ideas that cannot be applied through certain services.

The service includes:

- Customizations of any difficulty

- Qualified development team

- Coordination by the project manager

To activate the service you need:

1. Pay for the service and argue with the project manager all the details of the changes that you plan to make to the template or valid website. Also provide additional information (descriptions, screenshots, other images).

2. Taking into account all the details, we compose the terms of reference for the developer and estimate the time required for applying. The final list of needed changes is also approved.

3. We can start making changes on your website when we have access to your hosting and access to the admin panel of your website (we will provide you with all instructions).

4. After making the necessary changes, you can see the result.

How it works?

If you do not find a service that allows you to apply your ideas for improving the website, this service will suit you.

Tasks that can be completed in about:

- 2 hours - minimal fixes in the CSS code, adding a logo and changing the main color,

- 5 hours - changes may relate to CSS code and layout. That is, we can add ready-made content (up to 2 pages), install the module without CSS styling, or change the color scheme,

- 10 hours - we can add ready-made content (up to 5 pages) or transfer content from the old website to the new template. It is also possible to install some extensions for your website.

The service is valid for one website.

We work with websites on such platforms - WordPress, OpenCart, PrestaShop, Cs-Cart, Magento, Joomla, WooCommerce.

Estimating the time required to complete tasks will help you choose the correct option of service. Contact us and we will advise you about all tasks ([email protected]).

If the proposed options do not suit you, you can pay for the developer's actual hours of work.

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