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Our team analyzes your website and after an SEO audit proposes  instructions for website improvement that help you get targeted organic traffic.

The service includes:

- Researching organic search website traffic

- Integration with Google Search Console

- Semantic analysis and search for effective keywords

- Analysis search queries and target local keywords

- Creation meta tags

- SEO copywriting

- Detailed instructions on SEO optimization

- Planning a competitive SEO strategy

- Adding an internal link

To activate the service you need:

1. Pay for the service and provide the manager with information about your website:

- URL website,

- the login details for the website admin panel,

- list of URL of website pages for optimization,

- the login details for Google Analytics account,

- examples of competing websites in your business niche,

- examples of keywords.

2. Our experts analyze your website and develop a strategy of  SEO optimization. In the process of this work, we select keywords to increase positions in search engines and analyze search queries. Also, we also select meta tags and optimize content of selected pages of the website.

3. We present ready-made recommendations for website SEO optimization as clear instructions with which you can update your content.

How it works?

Even the most beautiful and convenient website from a technical point of view don't help you attract customers if this website is not optimized from the position of search engines.

We can start working on development a strategy for optimization your website when we have access to the admin panel of your site, your Google Analytics account (we will provide you with all the instructions). You also need to define a list of website pages URL for optimization, examples of keywords and indicate examples of competing websites in your business niche.

The service is valid for one website.

We work with websites on such platforms - WordPress, OpenCart, PrestaShop, Cs-Cart, Magento, Joomla, WooCommerce.

At the initial stage, it is important to analyze organic search traffic. This will help us understand which pages are interesting to site visitors.

We also set up linking the website with Google Search Console to track traffic on your website.

Further we develop recommendations for website optimization and creation quality content - choosing keywords and analysis search queries to improve positions in search results, preparing meta tags, URLs and writing content for each page.

We send all materials for approval and present them as detailed instructions. Due to you can apply changes to the website by yourself or your webmaster can do it.

After optimization, we send your website for re-indexing. We also track the result of website optimization for 2 weeks. The first changes in traffic take place within 3-5 days after content indexing.

Adding high quality content to your website noticeably improve your website traffic and ranking within 2-4 weeks.

In addition, we analyze your competitors' sites and develop internal links, which also helps to improve ranking positions.

Contact us if you have any questions ([email protected]).

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