Instruction Ajax Filter for Opencart1.5

    Download and Install

  1. Download archive with plugin in the Shop Pinta store and save it on your computer.

  2. Connect via FTP to your site and copy the contents to the root folder of your site.

  1. In the new browser window, enter the command (1) in the address bar: the addresses of your site / vqmod / install /, press Enter.

    Result: The message (2) “VQMOD ALREADY INSTALLED!” is displayed.

  1. Go to the Modules subcategory, find the Pinta_ajax_filter (1) plugin and click the Install (2) button.

  1. To configure the plugin click the Editing button.


    The plugin page

        The main menu of the Pinta_ajax_filter plugin consists of 4 sections:

  1. Settings.


  1. Filters.


  1. Design

  1. SEO.


    Section Setting:

  1.     In the Status field, the plugin is enabled (Enabled position) and disabled (Disabled).

  2.     The Location field sets the filter location on the site page.


    An example of the location of the filter on the site pages:


  1.     In the Show the "Drop filter” button field, the "Delete filter" button is turned on / off.


    Display on the site:

  1.     In the Show number of products field, the display of the number of products is shown on / off.


    Display on the site:

    The Filters section has 3 blocks:

  1. The brand block allows you to enable or disable the manufacturer name.


    Display on the site:


  1. The Product Options block allows you to choose which product options will be displayed in the filter.


  1. The Product attributes block allows you to select which product attributes will be displayed in the filter.


    Design Section

    Themes field for choosing the color scheme of the filter.

    The filter has various styles:

    It is also possible to create your own filter color.

    To do this, in the Themes (1) field, select Custom, click on the Custom color field (2) and select a color (3).


         The SEO section consists of:

  1. The Save filter url field allows you to enable or disable saving the history of filter request URLs.

  2. Table with filter query history.


    To go to the SEO editing page, click the Edit button.


        The SEO Editing page has 4 fields:

  1. SEO name - The name of the SEO.

  2. Page title - The title of the page title.

  3. Meta description - Meta tag page description.

  4. Meta keywords - Meta tag keyword page.



    Display on the site:


    After editing, save the changes by clicking the Save button.

    The Pinta_ajax_filter plugin is downloaded and installed.

    Now customers can use the convenient and quick filter on your website.