Instruction Contact Form History for Opencart

    Download and install

  1. Download the plugin archive from Shop Pinta store and save it on your computer.

  2. In the admin panel of your site, select Extensions (1) > Installer (2).

  3. In the Upload your extensions block, click the Upload button (3).


  1. In the window that opens, select the plugin archive (1) and click the Open button (2).

  1. Clear the cache. Go to the Modifications subcategory (1), check the Contact Form History checkbox (2), click the Clear (3) and Refresh (4) buttons.

  1. Go to the Extensions subcategory (1) in the list of Modules (2), find the Contact Form History plugin and click the Install button (3).

    Click the Edit button to configure the plugin.

        Plugin page

        To enable the plug-in, select the Enabled position in the Status field.

    Click the Save button to save the settings.

    The plugin page consists of an Inquiries block (1) and a table (2).

        The Inquiries block contains:

  1. Download as CSV button (1) for downloading all messages from the table into one file.

  2. Expand All (2) button to display the full content of all messages.

    The table consists of:

  1. Column Date Added (1), where the date the message was sent is displayed.

  2. Column Name (2), where the client's name is displayed.

  3. Column E-mail (3), where the client's email address is displayed.

  4. Column Message (4), where the client's message sent through the “Contact Us” form is displayed.

  5. Column IP Address (5), where the client's IP address is displayed.

  6. Column Action, which has an Expand button (6) to display the entire message; Answered button (7) to mark whether the answer was sent to the client or not; the Reply button (8) to write a response to the client; the Delete button (9) to delete the message.

    After pressing the Reply button (8), a pop-up window for entering / sending a reply is displayed.

    After filling in all the fields, click the Send button to send the form.

    After installing / configuring the plugin, you can receive all messages sent by your customers through the Contact Us form.

    And you can easily send them answers: