Instruction Discount Category for Opencart3.0

        Download and install

  1. Download archive with Category discount plugin from the Shop Pinta store and save it on your computer.

  2. Select Extensions (1) > Installer (2) in the admin panel of your site.

  3. Click the Upload button in the Upload your extensions block (3).


  1. In the opened window select the archive of the plugin (1) and click the Open (2) button.

  1. Clear the cache. Select Extensions (1), in the Modifications (2) subcategory, check the Category Discount (3) checkbox, click the Clear (4) and Refresh (5) buttons.

  1. Select the Extensions (1) category, go to the Extensions (2) subcategory in the list of Modules (3) modules, find the Category discount (4) plugin and click the Install (5) button.

  1. Click the Edit button (1) to configure the plugin.


    Plugin page

    The main menu of the Category discount plugin has the following options:

  1. Plugin status field. Turns on (Enabled position) and off (Disabled position)

  2. Field Name - name of the discount.

  3. Discount (%) - a field for entering the discount amount in percent.

  4. Count discounts field sets the quantity of goods for the discount.

  5. Customer group field sets the group of customers to whom you want to apply a discount.


  1. Category - the choice of categories of goods for which the discount applies.

    All the categories on the site are selected after clicking on the Select All button.

    The selection of all previously selected categories is canceled after clicking on the Unselect All button.

  1. Manufacturer - the choice of manufacturers to which the discount applies.

    After clicking on the Select All button, all manufacturers on the site are selected.

    After clicking on the Unselect All button, the selection of all previously selected manufacturers is canceled.

  1. Date start - start date of the discount.

  2. Date end - the date of the last day of the discount.

    Save the changes by clicking the Add button after editing.



    The Category discount plugin is downloaded and installed.

    Now customers can take the advantage of your discounts.