Instruction Enhanced Ecommerce for Prestashop

    Upload and install

  1. Download archive with plugin in the store and save it on your computer.

  2. In the admin panel of your site, select Моdules > Modules and Services (1) and click the Upload a module button (2).

  1. In the open window, click select file (3).

  1. Select the archive with the GoogleEnhancedEcommerce (4) plugin and click the Open button (5).

  1. To configure the plugin, click the Configure button (6).

 Plugin configuration

            In the settings window that opens, enter the Google Analytics account ID according to the format (1) and click the Save button (2) [diskette icon].

The GoogleEnhancedEcommerce plugin is downloaded, installed, and configured.

Customers can now take full advantage of Google’s advanced analytics.

To view more detailed information, select the necessary product (1).