Instruction Open Graph for Opencart

    Upload and install

  1. Download the plugin archive in the Shop Pinta store and save it on your computer.

  2. In the admin panel of your site, select Extensions (1) > Installer (2).

  3. In the Upload your extensions section, click the Upload (3) button.


  1. In the window that opens, select the plugin archive (1) and click the Open button (2).

  1. Clear the cache. Go to the Modifications subcategory (1), check the PINTA OPEN GRAPH checkbox (2), click the Clear (3) and Refresh (4) buttons.

  1. Go to the Extensions (1) subcategory in the list of Modules (2) modules, find the PINTA OPEN GRAPH plugin and click the Install button (3).

    To configure the plugin, click the Edit button.

    Plugin page

    The plugin page consists of:

  1. Status - enable (YES) / disable the plugin (NOT).

  2. Choose a default image - a block for downloading images from your computer.

  3. Image width - the width of the image that will be displayed in your link.

  4. Image height - the height of the image that will be displayed in your link.

  5. Currency - select a currency.

  6. Application id - application id number.

    After configuring the plugin, click the Save button.

    To see what your Facebook page will look like, open the Repost Debugger tab in Facebook for developers.

    To see what your Twitter link will look like, open the Card validator tab on Twitter developer.