Instruction Page Preloader for Opencart3.0

Download and install


  1. Download the plugin archive from the Shop Pinta store and save it on your computer.

  2. In the admin panel of your website, select Extensions > Installer (1) and click the Upload button (2).

  3. In the opened window, select the plugin archive and click the Open button (3).

  1. Clear the cache (recommended). Go to the Modification subcategory (1), check the plugin checkbox (2) and click the Clear (3) and Refresh (4) buttons.

  1. Go to the Extensions subcategory and select the Modules type in the Extension List.

  1. Next, find the Preloader plugin (1) and click Install button (2).

  2. To configure the plugin, click the Edit button (3).





Plugin page

The plugin page includes:

  1. The Status field (1) - to enable / disable the plugin (position Enabled / Disabled).


  1. The Loader block for customization the appearance of the page loading indicator as a bar.


This block consists of fields:


  • On Loader (2) - to enable / disable the display of the page loading indicator as a bar (position On / Off);

  • Size Loader (3) - to select the size of the page loading indicator.



  1. The Progress bar block for displaying the progress of the page scrolling. 


This block contains the Progress Bar field (1) to enable / disable the display scrolling (position On / Off).



  1. The Preloader block for adding an animated page loader using GIF animation and background.


This block consists of fields:


  • On preload (1) - to enable / disable the display of the loading animation (position On / Off);

  • Speed download Preload (2) - to select the display time of the loading animation;

  • Location status (3) - to select the display location of the loading animation;

  • Turn off the preloader with a mouse click (4) - to enable / disable the stop of displaying the loading animation on the website by mouse click (position On / Off).



  1. The Images and color block for selecting an animated image and background options.


This block consists of fields:


  • Images for loader (1) - to select a standard page load animation image;

  • Choose Image .GIF (2) - to download a GIF image from your computer;

  • On color bg preload (3) - to select the background transparency;

  • Choose bg color (4) - to select the background color.



To save the selected settings, click the Save button.


Next, go to the Dashboard menu (1), click the Developer Settings button (2) and refresh the cache (3, 4).

Now your clients are loading the website and can see the page loading style you selected.