Instruction Smart Ajax Search for Opencart

        Download and Install

  1. Download archive with plugin in the Shop Pinta store and save it on your computer.

  2. In the admin panel of your site, select Extensions (1) > Installer (2).

  3. In the Upload your extensions block click the Upload button (3).

  1. In the opened window select the archive of the plugin (1) and click the Open (2) button.

  1. Clear the cache. In the Modifications (1) subsection, mark the Simple cart modifications checkbox (2), click the Clear (3) and the Refresh (4) buttons.

  1. Go to Extensions (1) subsection. In the Modules list (2) find Simple Ajax Search plugin and click the Install button (3).

  1. To configure the plugin click the Edit button.



    The plugin page

    The main menu of the Simple ajax search plugin consists of 4 sections:

  1. Setting,

  2. Custom settings,

  3. Design,

  4. History & Suggestion.

    The Setting section.

  1. In the Status field  you can enable (ON) and disable (OFF) the plugin by switch button.

  2. The Min symbol (not 0) field sets the number of characters required for displaying a drop-down list of the Search field, with relevant results.

  3. Suggestions - adds Auto-completion of the results functionality to the standard Search field. The user enters the first letters of the product and receives hints about the products available on the site.

  4. Sort by relevant queries - sorts the search results so that the most matching products are displayed at the top.

  5. Image size - allows you to change the width (Image width in pixels field) and height (Image height in pixels) of product images in the drop-down list of the Search field.


  1. Background color of the drop-down menu - changes the color of the drop-down list of the Search field.

  2. Solid color - gives the color of the drop-down list the shade you need. In the ON position displays the input field where you can enter the code of the desired color.

  3. Gradient - gives coloring to the drop-down menu of the Search field, which is obtained as a result of the transition from one color to another. In the ON position, two text fields are displayed in which you can enter the code of the required colors.


    The Custom settings section consists of 4 subsections: Category, Information, Manufacturer and Product, each of them has a button for turning it on and off.

  1. The Category subsection (1) activates the name and meta title of the Categories section.

  2. In the Information subsection (2), you can activate a title, meta title, meta description and meta keywords.


  1. The Manufacturer subsection allows to enable or disable the name of the manufacturer field in the drop-down list of the Search field.

  2. In the Product section, you can activate the name of the product, its code (UPC), meta description, model, manufacturer code (MPN), meta keywords, japanese product article (JAN), meta title, European product article (EAN), options, description, unique book publication number (ISBN), tag, identifier of the product position (SKU) and attribute.


    The Design section allows you to set the number of results that will be appear in the drop-down list of the Search field (1), add the “Show more results” link (2), display the products price (3), their images (4), display the type of field (5), set the maximum allowable length of the products name, adding ellipsis to it.

    The History & Suggestion section saves the users searches on your site in the Input value column (1), and also allows you to add correspondence name of the goods presented on your site, in the Save value column (2). When the user enters a search query for which the name of the selected product is saved, it will be displayed in the drop-down list of the Search field.


    After editing, save the changes by clicking the Save button.


    The Simple ajax search plugin is downloaded and installed.

    Now customers can use the convenient and quick search on your site.