Instruction Total Costs with Shipping for Opencart

    Download and install

  1. Download the plugin archive from Shop Pinta store and save it on your computer.

  2. In the admin panel of your site, select Extensions (1) > Installer (2).

  3. In the Upload your extensions block, click the Upload button (3).

  1. In the window that opens, select the plugin archive (1) and click the Open button (2).

  1. Clear the cache. Go to the Modifications subcategory (1), click the Clear (2) and Refresh (3) buttons.

  1. Go to the Extensions subcategory (1) in the list of extensions Shipping (2), find the Total Costs with Shipping plugin and click Install (3).

     To configure the plugin, click the Edit button.

    Plugin page

  1. Extension Settings Tab consists of:

  • Status field (1) - to enable / disable the plugin.

  • Heading field (2) - for entering a heading under which the created delivery options will be displayed.

  • Sort Order field (3) - for sort ordering of the extension relative to other shipping extensions.

  • Default Tax Class field (4) - to set the default tax class applied to expenses. Any levy that does not have a “tax class” rule will use that tax class.

  • Tooltips field (5) - to enable / disable tooltips displayed for each parameter. If your extension's admin panel is loading slowly, try disabling tooltips.

  • Automatic Saving field (6) - select whether the plug-in settings will be saved automatically.

    To create a backup copy of the settings manually, click the Backup Settings button (1).

    After the pop-up message opens, click the Backup Settings button (2).

    To load a backup copy of the settings, click the Restore Settings button (1).

    After the pop-up message opens, click the Restore button (2).

  1. Charges Tab.

    To create a new shipping rule, click the Add rule button.

    The table consists of:

  1. Column Sort (1) - for sort ordering of this rule in relation to other rules.

  2. Column Title (2) - for entering the name of the delivery.

  3. Column Charge (3) - for indicating the amount of delivery.

Supports format:

From - To = Cost / For, where

the For parameter is optional,

the From, To parameters you can also omit if there are no restrictions on these criteria.

  1. Save button (4) - to save the created rule.

  2. Remove button (5) - to remove the created rule.

  3. Show / Hide button (6) - to show / hide this rule when placing an order on the site.

    To select the parameters of the rule to be set, click the “+” button (1).

    In the drop-down list (2) / (3) you can configure the calculation of delivery according to different criteria:

  • Adjustments: charge adjustments, minimum / maximum charges, rounding of charges, application of tax classes, etc.

  • Location criteria: country, geographic area, zone.

  • Order criteria: currency, language, store, customer group.

    If you want to show all the saved rules when placing an order on the site, click the Show All button (1).

    And if you do not want to display all saved rules, click the Hide All button (2).

           3. Testing mode tab.

    When you enable testing mode, you can see logs indicating which delivery options were displayed when placing an order on the website.

    To enable testing mode, select Enabled in the Testing mode field (1).

    To update the data in the Testing mode tab, click the Update log button (2), and to delete all data, click the Clear Log button (3).

    After configuring the plugin, click the Save button.

    Now on your website the shipping rules displays which you created.