Mobile Admin for Opencart v2.0-2.2* Install instruction

Manual for OpenCart 2.0 and higher

> For the module to work, you need a version of php 5.4 and higher.

For online stores owners on OpenCart version 2 and above. After installing the module on some intermediate versions, the website can go into development mode.

Be sure, after installing the module, check the settings, the development mode should be turned off!

To check, go to System - Settings - Edit (current site) - Server tab.

#### To install extension on your website, you need to:

1. Follow the link and download the extension.

2. Login to your store as “Administrator” and go to Extensions -> Extension installer.

3. Press Upload and choose extension-archive that you have downloaded previously.

4. Next step to install the extension, press “Continue”.

5. The installation process will begin, and when its finished you will see “Success: The extension has been installed!” message.

6. After installation, go to the "Extensions" - "Modifications", select "Check update apimodule" and click on the update button. 

7. The installation of extension is completed, for the next step you can install application using.

#### Use this link to download applications:

* [Google Play](

* [AppStore](

Before installation for some OpenCart version, please check that OpenCart Extension Installer is configured properly, especially FTP configs.

In case of installation error - download this additional extension: []( and try again.



Installation extension for some OpenCart 2.0 and higher your website may switch to the Maintenance Mode, for proper work of store and application make sure that Maintenance Mode is turned off. 

To make sure: System -> Settings -> Edit -> Server -> Maintenance Mode.